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Five-a-side football, Division: revolution in regulations. The game participation limits for Italians and foreigners have been changed


After the 2022 European Championship, closed by Italy with the scorching elimination in the first phase of the continental competition, the 5-a-side Football Division, with president Luca Bergamini in the lead and, together with him, the Board of Directors, has lowered its cards on the table.

The governance of our futsal has officially gotten its hands on “an argument deemed unpardable”, that relating to the limits of participation in the game between trained and untrained players: “Since the first day of my presidency – said Bergamini – the commitment is always aimed at bringing the base closer to the top, to make everything as homogeneous as possible. The short circuit that has been generated with the clubs has led the clubs to stop doing activities in the area, without being able to create players and talents who in the past years had created great value for the movement . For the sake of convenience and ease, a different, parallel lane was created, choosing finished products, ready-made players, without training through the coaches anymore: this has generated unsustainability for a healthy and virtuous path “.

Then he added: “The alarm bell came from embarrassing numbers for all to see: of the 19 teams that won the Scudetto in the history of Italian futsal, only three remained with the same legal structure and / or freshman. The numbers intercepted relating to the use of players are disconcerting, such as 80% of the use of untrained players on the field, or 0% of minutes of the Under 20s . This data is real, we can’t just ignore it and ignore it again. Obviously there is and there will not be a single solution, the reform of the limits of participation in the game intercepts other jobs that are standing: support for the development of youth activity, a working table with the technical sector to implement the training processes, the one linked to a greater structuring of the executive class, press offices, communication, secretariats. We need to grow from every point of view to make a movement more solid which today appears extremely shaky and not in line with the expectations of significant growth “.

Finally he concluded: “Finally, I would like to underline that the results of the national team and of our top teams are only partially connected to all this reasoning. The reforms are an evolution of a growth path necessary for the common good. I dream of a multi-ethnic and multi-racial national team, which is the daughter of our training ”.

The Board called the Extraordinary Assembly of Division C5 for Friday 4 March 2022 for the designation of candidates for the office of President and Deputy Vice-President of the National Amateur League, with a request to take place in videoconference mode.

Subsequently, the Board of Directors discussed the limits of participation in the game for the 2022/2023 sporting season of the Men’s National Championships.

– In the official matches of the Championship and the Italian Cup, the Serie A clubs must present a list consisting of a maximum of 12 players . In the same matches, the Serie A clubs will have the obligation to include at least 8 trained players in the match list.

– In the official matches of the Championship and the Italian Cup, the Serie A2 clubs are obliged to include at least 9 trained players in the match list, of which at least two were born after 01/01/2004.

– In the official matches of the Championship and the Italian Cup, the Serie B clubs are obliged to include at least 10 trained players in the match list, of which at least two were born after 01/01/2004.

For the 2022/2023 season, the participation limits for the women’s national championships remain unchanged (Serie A with 6 players trained, Serie A2 with 7).

Subsequently, in the 2023/2024 season the limits for participation in the game will be determined as follows.

– 9 players trained for the men’s Serie A.
– 10 players trained for the men’s A2 Elite Series
– 11 Serie A2 men
– 11 players trained for Serie B

Also in 2023/2024, the reform process will also be launched for the women’s National Championships : the women’s Serie A will pass to 7 trained players and the A2 women’s series to 8 trained players.

It should be remembered that “trained” players are considered to be those who comply with the current regulations in force.

The procedures relating to the ” Youth Project ” have also been defined: the specifics on the rewards to companies for the employment of young players will be the subject of an official press release to be published later.

Another topic is the official regulation of the Italian Cup Final Eight of the men’s Serie A and women’s Serie A and the methods of composition of the scoreboard and the draw as shown below.

– Definition of four distinct urns:

Urn A) seeded players classified in 1st and 2nd place at the end of the first round
Urn B) teams classified in 3rd and 4th place at the end of the first round
Urn C) teams classified in 5th and 6th place at the end of the first round
Urn D) teams classified in 7th and 8th place at the end of the first round

– The teams from urn A, following the draw, will occupy positions 1 of the Quarter-final 1 and the Quarter-final 4.


FOURTH 1 1st extracted urn A vs 1st extracted urn D
FOURTH 2 1st extracted urn B vs 1st extracted urn C
FOURTH 3 2nd extracted urn B vs 2nd extracted urn C
FOURTH 4 2nd extracted urn A vs 2nd extracted urn D

SEMIFINAL 1 Winner Q1 vs Winner Q2
SEMIFINAL 2 Winner Q3 vs Winner Q4

FINAL Winner S1 vs Winner S2

In the event of a tie at the end of the quarter-final and semifinal matches, the penalty shots will be taken. In the event of a tie at the end of the Final match, two extra times of 5 ‘each will be made; if at the end of the second extra period there is still a tie, the winner will be determined by the penalty shots.

In short, a reform that is not a small one and which, it must be said, has triggered various discontent especially in the companies “of the high level of Italian futsal”. From next year, therefore, the teams will inevitably have to review their rosters thinking more about involving our local players: will this be the right step to return to having an attractive championship and a national team capable of excelling? It will take at least 18 months to figure it out, but in the meantime a first stone has been thrown into the lake.