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Figure skating, World Cup 2022: without China and Russia it is wild bunch in couples


A crazy race and not a high level. There is a strange air in the couples in view of the 2022 World Figure Skating Championships , this year staged in France, specifically in Montpellier, from 23 to 27 March.

Yes, because with the total defection of all Russian (out of the game after the recommendation of the IOC) and Chinese athletes , the most spectacular specialty of the discipline will have to do without the five best couples in the world , as well as the Olympic top 5, therefore Wenjing Sui-Cong Han, Evgenia Tarasova-Vladimir Morozov, Anastasia Mishina-Aleksandr Galliamov, Aleksandra Boikova-Dmtrii Kozlovskii and Cheng Peng-Yang Jin.

So who will win? Difficult to predict exactly the podium, even if it is still possible to identify the absolute favorite team . We are talking about the Japanese Riku Miura-Ryuichi Kihara , true revelation of the current season and authors in recent months of increasingly higher performances from a qualitative point of view , culminating precisely with the free-masterpiece in Beijing, where they obtained a well-deserved seventh position comeback after a foul short.

For the rest, it will all be played on error, where the Americans Alexa Knierim-Brandon Frazier , sixth at the 2022 Games, will try to make a big voice, followed by teammates Ashley Cain Gribble-Timothy Leduc , eighth in China and motivated to hit. a historic placement. Canada is also incredibly in the running with Vanessa James-Eric Radford , two personalities who despite their extremely mediocre performances could even hit a medal in the first (and perhaps last) season together. Finally, at the window Rebecca Ghilardi-Filippo Ambrosini who, skating well, can aspire to a placement in the first five positions trying to trip the more experienced opponents.