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F1, Valtteri Bottas: “I don’t see anyone who can beat Hamilton at the wheel of a Mercedes”


Valtteri Bottas expressed his opinion on George Russell, the driver who replaced him in Mercedes alongside seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton. A new season is upon us, in fact we remember next week’s appointment not to be missed with the first tests in Barcelona (Spain).

The Finn released to a recent interview with ‘The Sun’ reported by ‘’. “I don’t see anyone who can beat Hamilton in the near future at the wheel of a Mercedes. George will be able to adapt well to the team, but beating Lewis isn’t easy. I have experienced it over the years “.

The new Alfa Romeo standard bearer went on to say: “Hamilton’s consistency is practically impossible to match. Even when he’s having a bad day, it doesn’t mean he’ll be wrong. His average level of performance is always very high “.

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The former driver of the Stuttgart marque concluded by saying: “Another key feature of Lewis is his ability to adapt to different conditions. I can be proud to have been able to beat Lewis in some tests ”.