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F1, the top speeds of Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes compared. But watch out for the DRS …


Looking at the special ranking of top speeds, Ferrari does not stand out as one might predict. The Maranello house ‘disappoints’ expectations, but can in any case smile with Haas and Alfa Romeo, teams present on the grid with the same power unit as the Italian car.

Monegasque Charles Leclerc and Spaniard Carlos Sainz, respectively first and second in the Bahrain GP, ​​did not cross the threshold of 313 km / h at the ‘speed trap’, a detection located at the end of the main straight. Everything changes in the second sector with Leclerc gaining positions and placing himself in the Top3 behind Sainz and Verstappen.

The reigning world champion of Red Bull was also the best at the end of the starting and finishing straight with 327.9 km / h, a number that is affected by the use of the aid of the DRS. The rear movable wing was in fact used several times by the # 1 of the group in a desperate attempt to mock Leclerc, leader of the race throughout the event. The Monegasque, like Sainz, has used the ‘drag reduction system’ a few times, since it significantly affects top speed. The two actually conducted the event not even having the opportunity to exploit the trail of rivals.

F1, the desert is Ferrari red! Leclerc-Sainz double, Red Bulls retired, Hamilton on the podium

In any case, the Ferrari engine confirms itself as one of the best if we look at the aforementioned third sector (without DRS) and the first split time in which the Haas of the Danish Kevin Magnussen trailed the Red Bull of the Mexican Sergio Perez by 2 km / h.

Also interesting is the detection on the finish line, located a few meters after the activation point of the DRS and consequently more indicative in terms of detection. The Finnish Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo) in fact precedes his companion Zhou and Magnussen with two kilometers per hour of difference in the Mercedes # 44 of Lewis Hamilton who also in the first and second sectors accuses 4 km / h from the Ferrari engines.

The ‘Rossa’ is therefore not the best with the two ‘official’ cars, but it can boast of having on its car the best performing engine of the lot with Haas and Alfa Romeo. If we add to this that the manufacturer always has a minimum advantage over customers, it can be assumed that without the DRS the ranking reserved for speeds would have been very different.