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F1, Sebastian Vettel ready to amaze with new cars. A 2022 to forget 2021


Sebastian Vettel is ready to impress with new cars after a difficult first year with Aston Martin . The German is expected at the start of the World Cup with the famous English brand which has confirmed Lance Stroll from Italy as expected.

The four-time world champion has the opportunity to be reborn with the significant regulation change, a hope after a 2021 in which almost everything has gone wrong. The transition from Ferrari to the English team did not have the hoped-for existence for the Teutonic who on several occasions found himself in difficulty even with his box mate, on the less popular paper of the Heppenheim native.

The 34-year-old hesitated several times, but in the end he decided to continue his experience in the ‘Circus’ . The rumors of a possible withdrawal have followed over the months, the possibility was concrete after poor performances that did not confirm the expectations of the eve. Aston Martin was expected alongside the greats along the lines of Racing Point in 2020, a failed mission. Stroll and Vettel have suffered almost all year, the Top 5 has drifted away day after day and the rivals have become more and more competitive.

F1, Ferrari in Bahrain with updates: porpoising changes and new diffuser

The AMR22 is the car of redemption, the World Championship that we are about to experience is crucial for the former teammate of the Monegasque Charles Leclerc who since 2014 has entered a tunnel that seems to never end . The hybrid era did not smile at Vettel, the experience at Maranello was a start in which the hoped-for results did not arrive and last year put a rider on the ropes who now can’t wait to put everything behind him . Sebastian Vettel is therefore constantly expected in the Top10, a result within the reach of a man who has written indelible pages of this sport

The World Championship will certainly not start in the best possible way for the former Red Bull standard bearer who will be forced to give up the first weekend of the year following the positivity to COVID-19. Countryman Nico Hulkenberg is expected at the wheel in place of Vettel, who should regularly return to operations for next week’s Saudi Arabian GP.