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F1, Mercedes between pre-tactics and objective problems in view of the first act in Bahrain


Pretactic and objective problems . The 2022 F1 World Championship is upon us and some aspects will be revealed in Bahrain. In fact, we have just returned from a pre-season phase in which the practice of “Risiko” was put on the track by the top teams: not extreme engine mappings; lots of petrol on board; target in the time trial to be achieved without exasperating performance.

It is true that Mercedes, in terms of technical exasperation, wanted to amaze once again from the Catalan tests in Barcelona to those of Sakhir . The W13 wanted, in fact, to raise the bar. Its sides have been literally miniaturized, following the aerodynamic concept already expressed by the Williams FW44, but taking even more extreme than what was done on the Grove car. As reported by Giorgio Piola of, the Anglo-German car kept the safety cone out of the side and transformed it into a real airfoil, separating it from the belly which has undergone a significant reduction in order to have a smaller resistance to running. Solutions also linked to the support of the mirrors, with aerodynamic function, strongly opposed by Ferrari but endorsed by the FIA ​​on balance.

However, the feeling is that Brackley has sinned a bit of presumption . Having made such an important change, without having so much time to “digest it”, had a bit of a boomerang effect during the rehearsals. While considering the statements of Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff accompanied by a bit of pre-tactic, it must be said that there are some criticalities: pumping and tuning far from excellent. Nothing terrible, mind you, but it seems clear that Mercedes will show up in the first round of the world championship not with all the pieces of the puzzle in place.

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How long will it take to do this? In the past, the world champion team did not take long and there is no reason to doubt it in this case. It is not excluded, according to what the news reports, that the three-pointed star may think of returning to the aerodynamic solution with which he rode in Barcelona if the responses of the W13 were not excellent. So it is a situation that is still in the making in a very long year (23 GP). The game, as has often been said, will be played with developments, remembering that in a Budget Cap regime it will also be necessary to consider how to invest one’s money.