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F1, in Barcelona Red Bull amazed and hid, Mercedes picked up where it left off


They had left in Abu Dhabi in December literally wheel to wheel to decide the world title. Red Bull and Mercedes had greeted Yas Marina as the two cars clearly superior to the rest of the group and met at Montmelò during the pre-season tests of the 2022 season with the clear intention of hiding, but only in terms of performance.

Thinking of the single-seaters, however, W13 and above all RB18 have made rivers of ink spill . The Silver Arrow, which will be in the hands of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell , has made it clear that it is a car of the highest profile, with technical solutions that are as always very interesting and, despite being the forefather of an epochal technical revolution, has not shown no problems whatsoever in the Catalan three-day event.

Moving from Brackley to Milton Keynes, however, the car of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez left everyone speechless as Adrian Newey conceived it as extreme in every component, from the brake air intakes to the rear, passing through the bellies that absolutely amazed. Unlike its rivals, the RB18 sported a small gearbox problem over the course of the second day.

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For the rest, nothing to report. As was widely foreseeable, the two single-seaters are ready to be protagonists also in 2022, immediately proving to be competitive and without details. Times, as Lewis Hamilton pointed out, are almost useless, and Red Bull has done everything possible not to discover their cards. Will we see something clearer in the next Sakhir tests? The curiosity and the expectation are immense, like the desire to kick off the 2022 season, that of the technical revolution.