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F1, Ferrari in Bahrain follows the Cobra Kai philosophy: “Hit first, hit hard, no mercy!”


What happened yesterday in Sakhir during the Bahrain Grand Prix is ​​unbelievable, because the effects of the highly anticipated and much talked about regulatory revolution studied by Liberty Media have taken a back seat to the outcome of the race! Ferrari has in fact returned to winning after two and a half years, interrupting the second longest negative sequence ever. Not only. The Prancing Horse scored a double that makes you think really big, especially looking at the results of the other single-seaters driven by the Maranello power unit .

Kevin Magnussen fifth with Haas, who rarely finished better. Guanyu Zhou in the points on his absolute debut in F1 with a revitalized Alfa Romeo, also enhanced by the sixth place of the always tough Valtteri Bottas. Four Ferrari engines in the first six positions , mounted on three different cars. A result that would certainly have made the Drake proud, which made the quality of its engines a source of pride and a point of honor. The new power unit is “Superfast” not only in name, also in fact! In this sense, having the most efficient engine of the lot is an optician if you look at the goal of bringing the Iris back to Maranello .

But beware of easy enthusiasms . Primarily because the season is eternal. We have only archived the first of the twenty-two races scheduled. The World Championship is not a sprint, but a marathon. Not only the speed of Marcell Jacobs is needed, but also the stamina of Stefano Baldini . Secondly, the Bahrain desert, in the past, has generated mirages that have clouded the Ferrari fans. In 2010 he was one-two on his debut, just like yesterday, which was followed by a series of difficult races. In 2019 at Sakhir the SF90 was the car to beat, but it was an episode in a year largely dominated by Mercedes. So calm and cool . Foretelling a triumphal march towards the world title is somewhat premature. The sensations are excellent, but we need counter-proofs.

F1, the desert is Ferrari red! Leclerc-Sainz double, Red Bulls retired, Hamilton on the podium

What is certain is that yesterday the Prancing Horse impressed positively , since everything was perfect . Drivers, car, pit stop. In fact, everything went the right way , including the withdrawal of the most dangerous opponent. It will not always be like this, sooner or later the wheel will turn differently and there it will be necessary to be good at containing the damage, because the World Cup is also won with placings. Therefore it is imperative to keep your feet on the ground . For sure, racing in Jeddah this Sunday is only good, because right now Ferrari is the most competitive car, while Mercedes and Red Bull are, in different ways, still immature.

Well, if a good day starts in the morning, the dawn of 2022 heralds a potentially splendid year for Ferrari fans. The F1-75 was born very well , the customer teams are extremely competitive and the designated rivals are forced to chase. Capitalizing on this phase of the season in which you can be superior could prove to be very important later on, when the values ​​on the field could change. It is therefore time to follow the philosophy of the Cobra Kai dojo from the film Karate Kid. “Strike first. Hard strike. No mercy ” , or“ Strike first. Hit hard. No mercy”. This is exactly what the Prancing Horse did in Bahrain, sending a clear message to all opponents: “Tremble, tremble … The Reds are back!” .