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Curling, World Cup 2022: Sweden-Italy 8-10. The blues hit a wonderful victory!


The fourth session of the 2022 World Curling Championships, underway in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA), sees Italy’s first victory in two races , which beats the very favorite Sweden to the last stone: Azzurri victorious in the Italian night by 8-10 thanks to a final four-point end.

The blues Joel Retornaz, Sebastiano Arman, Simone Gonin and Amos Mosaner, with alternate Mattia Giovanella , are currently in fourth place in the standings with a victory in two races , while the Swedes Niklas Edin, Oskar Eriksson, Rasmus Wranaa and Christoffer Sundgren , with alternate Daniel Magnusson , are ninth with a success in three races .

Sweden wins the hammer but Italy steals the hand by marking a point in the first end . The Azzurri reply and go 2-0 after the second half . The Swedes straightened out the game with a third three-point end , but the Azzurri returned to lead 4-3 in the fourth hand , then the Swedes impacted, thus arriving at mid-game 4-4 .

At the return on the ice Italy marks a point, but in the seventh end the Swedes get the lead back on 6-5 . The eighth hand sees the engagement of Italy, then Edin and his companions reply with two points in the ninth round for the 8-6 , but Retornaz in the last end with the last shot available finds a double failure that is worth four points and 8-10 victory .

In the other challenges of the fourth session , South Korea loses against Denmark a very tight match for 6-7 , matured at the extra end, while the USA beat the Czech Republic, beaten 7-5 , finally Canada suffers (it was under 2- 5 mid-game) but then rule the Netherlands 9-6 . Rest period for Finland, Germany, Norway, Scotland and Switzerland.

Fourth session

South Korea 6-7 Denmark (extra end)
USA-Czech Republic 7-5
Netherlands-Canada 6-9
Sweden- Italy 8-10
Rest : Finland, Germany, Norway, Scotland and Switzerland.

1 Canada 3 wins (3 games)
2 Finland 2 (2)
2 USA 2 (2)
4 Germany 1 (2)
4 Italy 1 (2)
4 Norway 1 (2)
4 Scotland 1 (2)
4 Switzerland 1 (2)
9 Czech Republic 1 (3)
9 Denmark 1 (3)
9 South Korea 1 (3)
9 Sweden 1 (3)
13 Netherlands 0 (3)