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Cross-country skiing, Drammen World Cup 2022. The “sprint lounge” returns after three years of absence


The Women ‘s Cross-Country Skiing World Cup leaves Finland and moves to Scandinavia, resuming as early as Thursday, when we will return to admire the popular midweek event in Drammen . This city of 100,000 inhabitants, located forty kilometers from the capital Oslo, entered the calendar of the major circuit in 2003 , organizing an iconic sprint on a track created through the city streets .

Since then the event has become a permanent presence of the World Cup, missing the appointment only in 2009 (the year in which it competed in Trondheim for logistical reasons), in 2020 (when the organizers were forced to move the race to the nearby Konnerud slopes. due to the lack of snow) and in 2021 (since the Norwegian government had imposed very stringent rules on quarantine for entry from abroad). In this 2022 the seventeenth edition of the event will therefore be staged, which, moreover, has practically always been held in classic technique . The only exception is represented by 2011, when the athletes challenged each other once and for all to skating.

In the women’s field, the queen of Drammen is unquestionably the Norwegian Maiken Caspersen Falla , capable of triumphing 5 times (2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019), overcoming and even beating the previous record holders Marit Bjørgen and Virpi Kuitunen, who had excelled on three occasions each. The only athlete able to fit into the winning streak of the 30-year-old Akershus was the Swedish Stina Nilsson , set in 2017. This means that Falla is the only athlete in activity to boast victories in this context.

Cross-country skiing, an amazing Jonna Sundling wins the Sprint in Lahti! Swedish podium with Ribom and Dahlqvist. Out to the quarters Ganz and Laurent

The Scandinavian also holds the record for podiums , albeit with the help of the skating test. In fact, to the five alternating successes, the norsk adds the second place collected in skating step. 2022 could represent the right opportunity to become the undisputed leader in the top-three voice also looking exclusively at the classical technique, where at the moment it is still flanked by the aforementioned Bjørgen and Kuitunen. It will not be easy, because Falla appears in a descending parable and now dominated by several opponents.

For the Italians few satisfactions in history. The only significant result is Arianna Follis’ fourth place in 2011, collected for the anomalous free technique test. If you look at the classic technique competitions, the best placement is the semifinal reached by Gabriella Paruzzi in the distant 2004.