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Chess, Europeans 2022: Lorenzo Lodici in the 41 with full points after two rounds


The second round of the 2022 European chess championships has ended in Brežice, Terme Čatež, Slovenia . New commitments for the 15 Italians involved, this time all in an effective way: Lorenzo Lodici was able to make his debut for real, while Michele Godena passed the fright of yesterday’s positive buffer. The next negative allowed him to enter the game room.

And it is Lodici himself who gets all the attention: by winning against the Ukrainian Nataliya Buksa, in fact, she becomes part of the group of 41 leaders with two points in the standings (which basically means that there is nothing decided , as is normal). A single imperfection of her opponent, with Nero, allows Lodici to create continuous threats and force the error on the thirty-fourth move and abandonment shortly after.

There are three other full-point results collected by our contingent. Luca Moroni climbs to 1.5: after a symmetrical English with a variant used sooner or later by many current big names, he takes advantage of an error by the Russian (under the FIDE flag) Dinara Dordzhieva on the eighteenth move, launches a very strong attack on the King’s side with White , brilliantly conducted and closed in twenty further sections. First victory for Federico Manca : the Paduan International Master is allowed to conclude the match with the Croatian Damjan Horvat with a brilliant checkmate in 32 moves. Tea Gueci also leaves the game room with a smile, beating the clearly inferior Slovenian Marcus Zlatanovic with Black, gaining quality after 30 strokes, that is, those after which White leaves.

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An excellent draw for Sabino Brunello , who blocks the Austrian Markus Ragger, number 18 among the entrants, on the half point each, to whom he makes 139 ELO points. 26 moves are enough to split the stakes, given that the Indiana Tower attack of King (or East-Indiana, as it is best known in our part of Italy) in this case leads to nothing. Daniele Vocaturo ‘s Semi-Slava lasts even less: 23 moves and a draw with Slovenian Jan Subelj. Alberto David from the Ukrainian Petro Golubka also stopped on the half point (tower final and pedestrians that cannot be won despite the extra pawn), as well as Pier Luigi Basso from the English Shreyas Royal in a rather atypical final of Donna against Torri. Equal also for Andrea Stella against the Danish Adesh Easwaralingam (advantage not materialized and final of Torre and pedestrians pact), for Alberto Barp against the Slovenian Matic Lavrencic (favorable position for the latter, with White, but very complicated) and for Michele Godena , which with the Black against the Hungarian Ferencz Gombos devours a final of rook and pawns won.

Defeats: Alessio Valsecchi is very unfortunate, because he is up against the number 1 of the tournament, the Czech David Navara, who does not discount with White, gains quality first and pressure on King’s wing then and wins in 40 moves (abandonment del Nero). Also beaten Angelo Damia , who this time does not tear half a point from the Romanian David Gavrilescu, while both Giovanni Marchesich , overtaken by the Moldovan Dragos Ceres, and Alessandro Franco , who bows in front of the German Annmarie Muetsch, remain nailed to zero. It resumes tomorrow: Bartel-Lodici, David-Cheparinov, Kuzubov-Brunello and Deac-Manca should be mentioned in a blue key. For Vocaturo and Moroni the possibility of further climbing in the standings.