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Boxing: Emiliano Marsili at 45 is EU lightweight champion, nothing to do for Dragan Lepei in supermediums


There were two valid fights for European Union titles with Italian boxers in the ring tonight . An intense season of belts with the Continent in the background opens in an important way on the red line that passes between Italy and France.

Emiliano Marsili , 45 years old and already 41 victories out of 42 (where 1 is an equal and not a defeat), after a valid competitive level fight played in Santa Marinella (Lazio coast, part of the triangle with Santa Severa and Civitavecchia), defeats Spaniard Frank Urquiaga for the EU lightweight title (12 rounds).

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The verdict of the judges is not unanimous, and to cause the final protests of the Iberian is also the fact that he managed to cause, right at the last round, a bad wound on the upper part of Marsili’s face. All useless, however: 113-110, 115-112 and 112-115 the cards. Embarrassing moment before the start, when the Spanish anthem (la Marcha Real) was played with the words it had under the dictatorships of Primo de Rivera and then Franco (nowadays it is only instrumental).

After a tough fight, in which he also landed, at the Salle des Sports Sainte-Croix in Frejus, France, Dragan Lepei ‘s defeat came to Frenchman Gustave Tamba for the vacant EU super middleweight title.