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Biathlon World Cup 2022-2023 calendar: we start from Kontiolahti, but we bow to the soccer World Cup


In recent days, the IBU has made official the calendar of the 2022-23 biathlon World Cup. There is no shortage of news with respect to the season just ended, both in terms of locations and in terms of the expected competition formats. It should also be noted that the competition from the Qatar World Cup , which will take place from 21 November to 18 December, has prompted the international federation to modify the program of the beginning of the competitive year, sacrificing a weekend in order to minimize the concomitance with the football appointments.

The overture , scheduled in Kontiolahti , has in fact been compressed, because instead of starting on Saturday, it will start on Tuesday . This is a step back over a decade, as since 2012 it has always started in a weekend. It is true that until 2011 the inauguration was midweek, but always in the pre-evening hours. In November 2022, however, it will start at lunchtime. One wonders if, for once, the Ibu hasn’t been too diligent . Thinking from the point of view of biathlon it is obvious that among the thirty-two nations participating in the World Cup, those to keep an eye on are exclusively France and Germany . The draw for the first phase will take place on Friday 1st April. If transalpine and Teutonic were to be included in group A or group B, they would find themselves playing the third game on 29 November … Therefore, we could not wait a few weeks to formalize the calendar of the World Cup 2022-23, perhaps thinking precisely in view of the commitments of the French and Teutonic ? It’s too late to think about it now, alea jacta est .

As for the locations, the World Championships ( biathlon , mind you) are scheduled from 8 to 19 February in Oberhof . This means that the first stage of January takes place in Pokljuka . The Slovenian town will therefore make its return to the calendar, as will Nove Mesto (Czech Republic). On the contrary, there will be no space for Otepää, which at the moment seems forced to have to wait until 2026 to make its return to the stage of the maximum circuit. If we look at the formats instead, the happiest news is to see an individual also in March. There will therefore be a vintage test in each of the four phases of the season, enhancing both this type of competition and the related specialty cup . The inclusion of an additional 20 km / 15 km meant the sacrifice of two sprints . We will have a total of 68 first-level events (4 individual, 8 sprints, 8 pursuits, 5 mass starts and 6 relays per sex to which 6 mixed tests must be added). Below is the complete detailed calendar, with dates and times .

Biathlon, the star Dorothea Wierer is about to set. We need to recover Vittozzi and make Giacomel and Bionaz grow

Tue 29/11, 1.15 pm: Men’s Individual
Wed 30/11, 1.15 pm: Women’s Individual
Thu 01/12, 11.00 am: Men’s Relay
Thu 01/12, 13.35: Women’s Relay
Sat 03/12, 10.45 am: Men’s Sprint
Sat 03/12, 1.45 pm: Women’s Sprint
Sun 04/12, 12.15 pm: Male Pursuit
Sun 04/12, 2.15 pm: Women’s Pursuit

Thu 08/12, 2.10 pm: Women’s Sprint
Fri 09/12, 13.45: Men’s Sprint
Sat 10/12, 11.30 am: Women’s Pursuit
Sat 10/12, 13.40: Men’s Relay
Sun 11/12, 11.30 am: Women’s Relay
Sun 11/12, 2.15 pm: Male Pursuit

Thu 15/12, 2.10 pm: Men’s Sprint
Fri 16/12, 2.15 pm: Women’s Sprint
Sat 17/12, 12.10 pm: Male Pursuit
Sat 17/12, 2.15 pm: Women’s Pursuit
Sun 18/12, 12.10: Male Mass Start
Sun 18/12, 2.15 pm: Female Mass Start

Thu 05/01, 2.20 pm: Women’s Sprint
Fri 06/01, 2.20 pm: Men’s Sprint
Sat 07/01, 12.30 pm: Women’s Pursuit
Sat 07/01, 3.00 pm: Male Pursuit
Sun 08/01, 12.00: Single Mixed (M-> F)
Sun 08/01, 2.15 pm: Mixed Relay (M-> F)

Wed 11/01, 2.10 pm: Men’s Individual
Thu 12/01, 2.10 pm: Women’s Individual
Fri 13/01, 2.35 pm: Men’s Relay
Sat 14/01, 2.35 pm: Female relay
Sun 15/01, 12.30 pm: Male Mass Start
Sun 15/01, 2.45 pm: Female Mass Start

Thu 19/01, 2.30 pm: Women’s Sprint
Fri 20/01, 2.30 pm: Men’s Sprint
Sat 21/01, 1.00 pm: Women’s Pursuit
Sat 21/01, 3.00 pm: Male Pursuit
Sun 22/01, 11.45 am: Women’s Relay
Sun 22/01, 2.30 pm: Men’s Relay

Wed 08/02, 14.45: Mixed Relay (F-> M)
Fri 10/02, 2.30 pm: Men’s Sprint
Sat 11/02, 2.30 pm: Women’s Sprint
Sun 12/02, 13.25: Male Pursuit
Sun 12/02, 3.30 pm: Women’s Pursuit
Tue 14/02, 2.30 pm: Women’s Individual
Wed 15/02, 2.30 pm: Men’s Individual
Thu 16/02, 3.10 pm: Single Mixed (F-> M)
Sat 18/02, 11.45 am: Women’s Relay
Sat 18/02, 3.00 pm: Men’s Relay
Sun 19/02, 12.30 pm: Male Mass Start
Sun 19/02, 3.15 pm: Women’s Mass Start

Thu 02/03, 16.20: Men’s Sprint
Fri 03/03, 16.20: Women’s Sprint
Sat 04/03, 13.45: Male Pursuit
Sat 04/03, 3.45 pm: Women’s Pursuit
Sun 05/03, 11.30 am: Mixed Relay (F-> M)
Sun 05/03, 3.15 pm: Single Mixed (F-> M)

Thu 09/03, 1.15 pm: Women’s Individual
Thu 09/03, 16.20: Men’s Individual
Sat 11/03, 2.00 pm: Women’s Relay
Sat 11/03, 4.30 pm: Men’s Relay
Sun 12/03, 1.00 pm: Female Mass Start
Sun 12/03, 3.45 pm: Mass Start Male

Thu 16/03, 3.30 pm: Men’s Sprint
Fri 17/03, 3.30 pm: Women’s Sprint
Sat 18/03, 12.50 pm: Male Pursuit
Sat 18/03, 3.10 pm: Women’s Pursuit
Sun 19/03, 12.50 pm: Male Mass Start
Sun 19/03, 3.10 pm: Female Mass Start