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Basketball: Virtus Bologna and Olimpia Milano without problems in the last matches of the 21st round of Serie A


The 21st day of the Serie A championship ends with the arrival of the big players. Virtus Bologna engaged at home against GeVi Napoli, while for Olimpia Milano a difficult trip to the Tortona field, faced and beaten a few weeks ago in the Italian Cup.

The concept is very simple: too many black Vs for this GeVi. The game, in truth, has little history from the beginning, with the triples of Teodosic, Hervey and Pajola yielding the initial 10-0. Parks and the newcomer Totè try the recovery, but it is the only real moment of an open game: Alibegovic, Mannion, Jaiteh and Belinelli all have a role towards 36-19. Velicka tries to reduce something, but at the interval it is 47-32.

Basketball, Serie A: Brescia wins Brindisi, victories also for Venice, Varese, Reggio Emilia and Sassari

Bologna does not score for almost five minutes, but it does not serve to give Naples more than eight points of minimum gap. We sail around ten pitches for a couple of minutes, then Mannion pushes on the accelerator and touches +20. There is not much more to say in the minutes that remain, with the 86-75 being certified.

BOLOGNA – Hervey 16, Mannion 13, Belinelli 13
NAPLES – Parks 13, Velicka 12, Lombardi 10

A fairly quiet victory for Olimpia in a difficult away match like that of PalaFerraris. Tortona starts well, with the Americans as the important men for 16-10, where the points in Milan are almost exclusively from Melli. Then Baldasso enters and begins with the triple of -3, but at the end of the first quarter it is 22-19 Bertram. The pair Baldasso-Alviti signs the same, and it is the play from Turin who makes good weather to a large extent both scoring and fanning assists. This parquet, moreover, brings him happy memories of his time in Rome, in the form of an assist for a triple of the victory over Casale Monferrato. At the interval, however, it is still a struggle: 37-40.

Alviti and Rodriguez get Milan off to a good start, while Macura keeps Tortona up and running. The groove, however, slowly begins to widen, with Hines starting to do his in the paint and Grant putting in a good match. Hall puts the load with the +14, then the gap widens even more until you get to 51-72 signed above all by Alviti. The management of Olimpia at that point is quite calm: it ends 64-81.

TORTONA – Macura 15, Sanders 15, Filloy 12
MILAN – Baldasso 16, Alviti 13, Grant 12

1 Milan 34
2 V. Bologna 32
3 Brescia 26
4 Trieste, Brindisi, Reggio Emilia, Tortona 20
8 Sassari, Varese, Venice, Trento 18
12 Naples, Treviso 16
14 Pesaro 14
15 F. Bologna 12
16 Varese 10

Credit: Ciamillo