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Basketball, the best Italians of the twenty-second day of Serie A. Cinciarini record records, Della Valle and Hackett on the shields


Waiting for tonight’s postponement between Naples and Varese yesterday the matches of the twenty-second day of the top Italian basketball championship were staged. Confirmations, but also surprises and many Italians to show off. Here are the best of the weekend.

We started from Pesaro, where the hosts surprised Brindisi by winning 86-84. And if it was mainly foreigners who gave the show, to underline the 4 assists of Davide Moretti and Matteo Tambone , who scored the two decisive free throws. Victory also for Venice against Trento for 72-65, but to highlight is the performance, albeit with defeat, of Diego Flaccadori, who finished with 16 points and 8 rebounds.

Milan wins again, overtaking Trieste 102-84. And if at Olimpia the performances of the returning Shavon Shields and Kaleb Tarczewski were noticed, the best Italian scorer was Luca Campogrande who finished with 11 points. Away victory for Tortona in Sassari’s home, with the guests who won 83-87 and Luca Severini ‘s 14 points in the Piedmontese home. But speaking of top performances, in the match won by Brescia against Treviso for 101-78, Amedeo Della Valle shows off the 24 minutes on the pitch with 23 points and 6 assists.

The victory of Reggio Emilia in Cremona for 62-76 enters the books of records. Enter the record book thanks to the usual Andrea Cinciarini, author of 10 points, but above all who equals the best result as an assist, putting 18 on the scoresheet! Finally, great emotions in the Bolognese derby won by Virtus against Fortitudo for 82-85. At home Fortitudo excellent performance by Gabriele Procida , who closes with 15 points, while for the V-Blacks the new signing Daniel Hackett immediately shows off with 17 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists.

Credits: Ciamillo