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Athletics, Elena Lashmanova suspended for two years and deprived of two medals


Shocking news from the world of athletics: Russian walker Elena Lashmanova, 2012 Olympic champion and 2013 world champion in the 20 km walk, has been suspended for two years and deprived of her two titles.

The explanations are all in the message of the AIU (Athletics integrity units) on Twitter: “The Russian walker Elena Lashmanova was disqualified for two years, from March 9, 2021, for the use of banned substances, violation of the anti-doping rules of the World athletics (the international athletics federation, ed.) “ .

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A very bad blow for the 1992 class, who will therefore lose the gold of the 2012 Olympics and the gold of the 2013 World Cup (both obtained in the 20 km walk) due to the “disqualification of his results from 18 February 2012 to 3 January 2014” . As reported by the anti-doping agency, “Lashmanova accepted the sanction proposed by the AIU.” However, for Lashmanova this is not an absolute novelty, given that it had already been suspended for two years from June 2014 to February 2016, after having tested positive at Enduborol in January 2014.