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Artistic swimming, Italian championships: Minisini-Ruggiero in the lead in the mixed duo, Macchi-Pedotti in the free duo


The competitive season of Italian artistic swimming started today with the absolute winter championship at the Stadio del Nuoto in Riccione . The first two preliminaries were aired today, between mixed duo and free duo.

There are no surprises in the preliminary rounds of the mixed duo, with the couple made up of the now consummate Giorgio Minisini, ten medals between World and European Championships, and his partner Lucrezia Ruggiero, who comfortably closes the first day of competition with the advantage: the pair of Flames Oro ended this day with an excellent 90.4333 and can count on more than seven points of margin on the pair of Rari Nantes Savona composed of Sofia Mastroianni and Nicolò Ogliari. Third place instead for Elisa Cicchetti and Edoardo Fanton of the Flaminio Sport Club.

In the preliminary rounds of the free duo, on the other hand, with forty-nine couples competing in the pool, the young Alessia Macchi and Susanna Pedotti, part of the Junior National team, lead the day today. The Busto Nuoto duo closed the day at the top with a score of 85.5000, ahead of Aurora Savi and Carmen Rocchino of Rari Nantes Savona (83.6000) and Jasmine Verbena and Jasmine Zonzini of Sport Village (83.3667).

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