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Artistic gymnastics, Italy opens up to the world: Team Challenge in Stuttgart with the Fairies, Andreoli, Bartolini


The Italy of artistic gymnastics is preparing to experience the first international release of this season . In fact, over the weekend the Deutscher Pokal Team Challenge will be staged, in Stuttgart (Germany) there will be space for team competitions for Nationals , a particularly rare event outside the Olympics, World Championships and Europeans. The Bel Paese presented itself in Germany with almost all its highlights, eager to shine and begin the march towards the most important stages of this competitive year (the European Championships in Berlin in August, the World Championships in Liverpool in autumn).

The DT Enrico Casella has in fact summoned the team that a little more than two years ago won the bronze medal in the World Cup team event, right in this location so dear to Magnesium Powder: Giorgia Villa, Asia D’Amato, Elisa Iorio , Desiree Carofiglio, Martina Maggio. Justified absent Alice D’Amato , who is recovering from an injury. The promises Angela Andreoli and Manila Esposito join the fairies, on their first international outing as seniors, flanked by the other young Veronica Mandriota. In fact, this is the best that the Italian panorama can offer at the moment, net of Vanessa Ferrari who has just undergone an operation.

Asia D’Amato and Giorgia Villa convinced in the last stage of Serie A by offering noteworthy exercises, Martina Maggio ensures considerable solidity, Elisa Iorio is back in a convincing way after a physical ailment, Angela Andreoli has already amazed with exaggerated difficulties to the beam. It promises to be a nice confrontation with the USA (not in a typical formation, there are Konnor McClain and eMjae Frazier), Germany, Canada, Holland and Switzerland (the names with the greatest impact are still missing).

Artistic gymnastics, Deutscher Pokal 2022: program, schedules, tv, streaming. Italy is almost complete!

On the male front, however, three big names are absent: Carlo Macchini and Salvatore Maresca because they are simultaneously involved in the World Cup in Cairo, and Marco Lodadio . Leading the group will be Nicola Bartolini (Freestyle World Champion) and Ludovico Edalli (twice present at the Olympics), flanked by Edoardo De Rosa (pay attention to his horse) as well as by the young Yumin Abbadini, Lorenzo Minh Casali, Lay Giannini , Mario Macchiati and Nicolò Mozzato (back in blue). In Stuttgart Italy missed the qualification for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics by a whisker, from here we start again to chase Paris 2024 . The complex challenge will be with Germany, France, Great Britain, Canada, Holland, Switzerland and the USA.

On Friday evening it will be for the men, Saturday afternoon for the women, on Sunday space for the mixed race. This is to all intents and purposes a useful exam to build teams in view of the most prestigious events, the perfect way to take the pulse of the movement at the start of this competitive year.

Photo LiveMedia / Filippo Tomasi