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Archery, national team meeting in Rome: the squads


The Italian Olympic team is preparing for the outdoor season which will start on April 18, with the first stage of the World Cup in Antalya, Turkey. For this reason, a meeting has been organized from 13 to 17 March, which will not take place at the federal technical center in Cantalupa (Turin) but at the ‘Giulio Onesti’ Olympic training center in Rome.

The technical director Giorgio Botto explained the choice in the official Fitarco press release: “ We opted for the air and climate of Rome to hold the first outdoor meeting of 2022 . In Cantalupa we have the opportunity to train on 70 meters indoors for the whole winter, but on this occasion we decided to move the technical meeting to a city where, even if there were no purely spring temperatures, it will still be less cold than at the Cantalupa open air field. For an archer, outdoor training is very important to develop the ability to manage atmospheric agents which, when shooting indoors, do not intervene “.

The TD continues to explain his choice: It is also important to get our athletes to move from one place to another to get them out of their comfort zone , considering that the ability to better manage continuous movements must be part of the luggage. of experience of an athlete of international rank. On the other hand, we must be ready, because the first outdoor commitment is approaching and the group is concentrated and competitive to arrive prepared for the first stage of the world cup in Antalya. In the weeks that separate us from leaving for Turkey, everyone will have the task of showing off to earn this first call -up “.

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Marco Galiazzo (Italian Air Force)
David Pasqualucci (Italian Air Force)
Federico Musolesi (Air Force)
Alessandro Paoli (Iuvenilia Archers)
Yuri Belli (White Eagle Archers)
Francesco Gregori (Arco Club Riccione)
Tanya Giaccheri (Italian Air Force)
Karen Hervat (Air Force)
Lucilla Boari (Gold Flames)
Tatiana Andreoli (Gold Flames)
Selene Lagazzoli (Paduan Archers Company)