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Alpine skiing, World Cup prize pool ranking: how much money did skiers earn? Goggia precedes Brignone


Petra Vlhova and Marco Odermatt are the skiers who have earned the most in the alpine ski season that has just ended. Athletes receive checks based on the results obtained in every single race of the World Cup and the International Federation of Winter Sports itself draws up a ranking of economic income , so we are talking about an official ranking that rewards the best skiers based on the portfolio. The Slovakian ended her competitive year with 408,332 Swiss francs (397,200 euros), but the Swiss did not take home the general Crystal Ball which ended up in the hands of the American Mikaela Shiffrin , second in the Prize Money Standing with 406,745 Swiss francs (395,656 euros ).

The Swiss Marco Odermatt, on the other hand, takes home the general World Cup for the first time in his career and his bank account has been enriched by 565,445 francs (550,030 euros), preceding the Norwegian Aleksander Kilde (456,117 euros). The best Italian was Sofia Goggia, third with 309,250 Swiss francs (300,820 euros). Nice figure for the Bergamo-based woman, who raised the downhill World Cup to the sky. Super-G Crystal Ball for Federica Brignone, fourth in the ranking of prizes with 247,275 francs (240,534 euros).

For men, however, you have to go down to eighth place to find Dominik Paris with his 159,750 francs (155,395 euros). Below are the earnings rankings of the 2021-2022 Alpine Skiing World Cup.

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WOMEN RANKING (TOP-5 + ITALIAN, at least 10 thousand euros earned):

1. Petra Vlhova (Slovakia) 408,332 francs (397,200 euros)
2. Mikaela Shiffrin (USA) 406,745 francs (395,656 euros)
3. Sofia Goggia (Italy) 309,250 francs (300,820 euros)
4. Federica Brignone (Italy) 247,275 francs (240,534 euros)
5. Sara Hector (Sweden) 194,073 francs (188,782 euros)
12. Elena Curtoni (Italy) 104,484 francs (101,635 euros)
14. Marta Bassino (Italy) 100,373 francs (97,637 euros)
33. Nadia Delago (Italy) 28,875 francs (28,088 euros)
56. Nicol Delago (Italy) 11,075 francs (10,773 euros)

MEN’S RANKING (TOP-5 + ITALIANS, at least 10 thousand euros earned):

1. Marco Odermatt (Switzerland) 565,445 francs (550,030 euros)
2. Aleksander Kilde (Norway) 468,900 francs (456,117 euros)
3. Henrik Kristoffersen (Norway) 308,546 francs (300,134 euros)
4. Beat Feuz (Switzerland) 228,600 francs (222,367 euros)
5. Vincent Kriechmayr (Austria) 223,700 francs (217,601 euros)
8. Dominik Paris (Italy) 159,570 francs (155,395 euros)
27. Luca De Aliprandini (Italy) 39,786 francs (38,701 euros)
40. Christof Innerhofer (Italy) 30,185 francs (29,362 euros)
43. Tommaso Sala (Italy) 28,350 francs (27,577 euros)
46. ​​Alex Vinatzer (Italy) 25,480 francs (24,785 euros)
48. Giuliano Razzoli (Italy) 23,600 francs (22,956 euros)
49. Matteo Marsaglia (Italy) 23,185 francs (22,553 euros)
58. Simon Maurberger (Italy) 17,100 francs (16,634 euros)
64. Mattia Casse (Italy) 14,635 francs (14,236 euros)