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Alpine skiing, the precedents of the Italians in Kranjska Gora. Many podiums, but the latest success was in 2008 with Moelgg ..


The 2021-2022 Men’s Alpine Ski World Cup is ready to stop in Kranjska Gora (Slovenia) for two giants who could almost officially define both the specialty and the general classification, with Marco Odermatt now ready to raise his first Crystal Ball to the sky. The track called Podkoren is a classic stage on the calendar and Italian athletes have often achieved good results there. Let’s go and remember them all.

Kranjska Gora debuted in the World Cup on 21 December 1999 and saw the success of the Swiss Didier Plaschy in the slalom, ahead of the Austrians Benjamin Raich and Thomas Stangassinger. To see an Italian protagonist on Podkoren you have to wait until February 28, 2004. Alberto Schieppati in the pizza d’onore and Alexander Ploner third in the giant won by the American Bode Miller. Moving on to February 27, 2005, the first success came, with Giorgio Rocca, who made the race between the rapid gates his own, preceding the Swedish Andrè Myhrer and Benjamin Raich.

In the following season, exactly on 21 December 2005 , Italy again on the Slovenian podium with Max Blardone who came second in the giant won by the usual Raich, while the Canadian Thomas Grandi finished third. The next day came the second victory for Giorgio Rocca, again in the slalom, ahead of Thomas Grandi and the American Ted Ligety.

On March 3, 2007 , it was Max Blardone again to get on the podium, with a third place in the giant won by Raich ahead of Canadian Francois Bourque. The next day, March 4, 2007, Manfred Moelgg climbed to the lowest step of the podium in the slalom won by the Austrian Mario Matt in front of the usual inevitable Raich.

Moving on to 8 March 2008 the same Moelgg and Blardone got on the podium behind Ted Ligety who made the giant his own, while the following day Moelgg went on to win among the rapid gates in front of the Croatian Ivica Kostelic and the Austrian Marcel Hirscher. In the following season, another placement in the top three on (exactly February 28, 2009) for Max Blardone who finished third in the giant won by Ligety in front of the Swiss Didier Cuche. On the following day in the slalom Giuliano Razzoli centered the place of honor preceded by the French Julien Lizeroux, while the German Felix Neureuther took third place.

Let’s scroll down to 11 March 2012 with Cristian Deville who hit the second place in the slalom won by the Swedish Andrè Myhrer, while the French Alexis Pinturault took third place. We then move on to March 15, 2015 with another Italian podium. On that occasion it was Giuliano Razzoli who climbed to second place in the slalom dominated by the Norwegian Henrik Kristoffersen, while the Swedish Mattias Hargin closed in third place.

The good results for the Azzurri continue. On 5 March 2017 Stefano Gross was second in slalom behind the Austrian Michael Matt, but ahead of Felix Neureuther. In the last edition held, on 13 March 2021 the Swiss Marco Odermatt won the giant in front of his compatriot Loic Meillard and the Austrian Stefan Brennsteiner, then on 14 March the French Clement Noel won the slalom in front of his compatriot Victor Muffat-Jeandet and to the Swiss Ramon Zenhaeusern.