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Alpine skiing, the precedents of the blues in Garmisch in slalom. Last success in 2009 with Manfred Moelgg


The Alpine Ski World Cup reopens its doors with two slaloms scheduled for the weekend on the German snows of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Balance reigns supreme in the specialty and after the Teutonic away match there will be only a couple of appointments to define Marco Schwarz’s heir between the tight posts.

The intercontinental rapid-gates circuit returns to the Bavarian town twelve years after the last race held. On that occasion the blue troop did not hit the podium, but statistics in hand no nation has won more than Italy in slalom on this slope.

In fourteen events disputed there are six tricolor affirmations seasoned by eight podiums, numbers that ignite the hopes for the weekend. If Gustavo Thoeni finished second in 1974, twelve months later the Bel Paese occupied all the steps of the podium scoring a magical hat -trick with Piero Gros winning in front of Thoeni himself and Fausto Radici, who won the following year ahead of the great “Pierino” Gros.

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In 1982 Paolo De Chiesa grabbed third place, a result equaled ten years later by Alberto Tomba. Between ’93 and ’95 the greatest blue ever took three consecutive successes, while in the two-year period 2008-2009 Manfred Moelgg rose to the fore by filing a second position and a victory, enriched in the circumstance by the place of honor of Giorgio Rocca.

It is interesting to note that the first and last winner of the fourteen Garmisch slaloms are father and son: Christian Neureuther, winner in 1974, rejoiced at Felix’s success 36 years later; a feat similar in some ways to Johannes Strolz’s Olympic gold which emulated the result of the parent in the Olympic event 34 springs later. Hubert Strolz was second in this regard in 1992 and we will see if the Austrian multi-mediate of the Pekingese Games will once again be able to retrace the footsteps of the head of the family.