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Alpine skiing, Olympics pagellone: ​​Federica Brignone the best, flop Vinatzer and De Aliprandini, disappoints Paris


The Beijing 2022 Olympics are over and it has been a very intense two weeks for Italian Alpine skiing. The gold medal was missing, but four women arrived thanks to Federica Brignone, Sofia Goggia and Nadia Delago. Once again the men’s sector has completely failed the Olympic appointment, with many flops and very few happy notes. Below are the report cards of all the blues .


Federica Brignone 8 : returns from Beijing with two medals around her neck, none like her. The Olympic adventure begins immediately with a wonderful silver in giant, a specialty in which she had never managed to get on the podium this season. A confirmation and at the same time an improvement compared to the third place four years ago. She arrives at the super-G as “the woman to beat”, but finds herself stuck in a path that is too easy and with a final plan that smacks of condemnation. The final result is a sixth place that leaves a lot of bitterness in the mouth and also unleashes a bit of a crisis within the Aosta Valley. Federica, however, is a great champion and in combined she wins the bronze for solidity and experience, with the best descent of these two weeks and with a convincing slalom test. There are three Olympic medals on the showcase, becoming part of a very small group of champions.

Sofia Goggia 7.5 : twenty days to put the skis back on and build a silver miracle. Probably only the Bergamo-born could have completed such an undertaking. He dreamed and wanted the gold medal, but the Olympic encore vanished on that damned final plan. Without Cortina’s crash, he probably would have had his say for the podium even in super-G, but in the end that silver is the champion’s shot.

Nadia Delago 7.5 : the bronze of the final consecration. A simply fantastic third place downhill and a career changing medal. After a season in search of the first podium, he gets it right in the most important race, doing even better than Goggia on the final plan. In Milan-Cortina 2026 you can dream big.

Elena Curtoni 6 : it is certainly not an Olympics that you will remember with a smile. An approach to nightmare races, forced to remain isolated for direct contact with a positive. Difficult days that perhaps also made themselves felt on the races. It focuses a lot on the super-G, but the track is very far from its characteristics and closes tenth, but at least it redeems itself in the descent where it conquers a nice fifth position.

Nicol Delago 5.5 : in the descent there is no entry to the Top-10, thanks to an error right at the entrance to the floor. Too bad because up to that moment the race had been good and he could also aspire to a good placement.

Marta Bassino 5 : her Olympics ends practically after three gates from the giant. A race that was expected four years and really lasted a blink of an eye. The photograph of a season that never took off and even at the Games there was not even a subsequent shock between super-G and combined.

Francesca Marsaglia, Lara Della Mea, Anita Gulli sv : Pierre de Coubertin has always said that at the Olympics “the important thing is to participate”. The three blue, arrived in Beijing without the slightest expectation, limited themselves to that.


Giuliano Razzoli 6.5 : from being out of the team to eighth place at the Olympics. In any case, that of the Emilian is a splendid fable, it is the story of a champion who does not want to give up, of those who know how to get up even when it seems impossible. Too bad for a slightly restrained first heat, otherwise he could have dreamed even bigger. All that remains is compliments and being an example for many young people.

Tommaso Room 6 : grabs the Olympic call-up with a series of important placings in the last slalom. In the first heat he is also the best of the blues and the medal is less than 5 tenths. In the second, however, he is affected by the emotion and in the end he finishes eleventh. Bravo to be there and he tried.

Matteo Marsaglia 6 : not his fault, but he will be remembered in this Olympics for the clash with the technical staff at the end of the descent. An embarrassing moment for Italian alpine skiing, but Matteo comes out as the winner and in the super-G he is also the best of the Azzurri. In the face of those who wanted to exclude him …

Luca De Aliprandini 4.5 : the fall of Adelboden decisively slowed down his preparation for the Games. It arrives with too many unknowns in Beijing and in the end comes the flop. He falls in giant form in the second heat and is repeated today in the quarterfinals of the Team Event, putting an end to Italy’s hopes for a medal. There remains the regret for that injury that probably changed everything in the negative.

Dominik Paris 4.5 : the allergy to the Olympics continues and now there is only Milan-Cortina not to be at the end of his career with a broken noticeboard and in which a Five Circles medal is missing. He was supposed to be one of the spearheads in the men’s sector, but first he fails the descent (sixth) and then disappears completely in super-G (even twenty-first). Beijing 2022 is to be quickly forgotten.

Alex Vinatzer 4 : the Olympic slalom is the photograph of a young career that has to undergo a sharp turn. It is no longer acceptable to see a boy of that talent throwing away races after races, already in the first heat. It came out in 50% of the slaloms played, a truly worrying statistic. In parallel he could redeem himself, but he is an extra and even loses to a Russian in the second round.

Christof Innerhofer 4 : disastrous Olympics for the blue veteran. He immediately comes out on the descent and the next day he does the same in super-G. In combined it is an extra. If these were his last Olympic Games, it certainly doesn’t leave a good memory.

PHOTO: LaPresse