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5-a-side football, Italian Cup 2022: Italservice Pesaro wins to the last breath! Beat 2-1 the Olimpius Roma


In the end the party is once again Italservice Pesaro. The final of the Final Eight of the Italian 5-a-side football cup , vintage 2022, offers goals, emotions and entertainment. In one word: pathos. To win the trophy 2-1 are the Colini’s from Marche, but the honor of arms cannot fail to go to the rivals of Olimpus Roma.

In a nervous final, but where there is no lack of opportunities, the first half still flows with the score that remains pinned on 0-0.

In the second half, however, fire and flames. The formations do not spare themselves until, less than four minutes from the end, the capitolini take the lead. Dimas receives from Caio Junior: diagonal and 1-0 goal. Time passes on the hourglass of the match. Colini tries them all to equalize in the short time available.

Taborda plays the role of the goalkeeper : the championships raise the pace. One management, one situation after another until the “nasal flicker of Borruto”, which arrived after the woods of De Oliveira. It’s 1-1 with 55 seconds left.

Caio Junior, already warned, exceeds with an entry on Borruto himself. Olimpus Roma finds itself with one less man. Italservice sniffs the chance. With 21 seconds left the ball reaches Taborda who is not wrong. It is the goal of the sentence: the 2-1 goal that once again sends Italservice Pesar o to heaven .

OLIMPUS ROME: Ducci, Tres, Bagatini, Marcelinho, Nicolodi , Achilli, Mateus, Di Eugenio, Rafinha, Dimas, Schininà, Caio Junior, Giammarile, Tondi. Herds D’Orto

ITALSERVICE PESARO: Espindola, Tonidandel, Canal, Cuzzolino, De Oliveira , Melise, Tazine, Salas, Borruto, Taborda, Obbar, De Luca, Vesprini, Cianni. Herds Colini

SCORERS : 16’01 “st Dimas (O), 19’05” Borruto (P), 19’39 “Taborda (P)

AMMONITES: Tres (O), Caio Junior (O), Tonidandel (P)
EXPELLED: at 19’22 “of the st Caio Junior (O) for the sum of yellow cards

REFEREES: Dario Pezzuto (Lecce), Nicola Maria Manzione (Salerno), Vincenzo Sgueglia (Civitavecchia) TIME TRIAL: Marco Moro (Latina)

NOTES: The Deputy Vice President Leonardo Todaro was present; the Vice President Antonio Scocca; the Directors Umberto Ferrini, Donato Giovanni Allegrini, Andrea Farabini, Alfredo Zaccardi, Stefano Salviati, Stefano Castiglia; the Head of the Political Secretariat of the Presidency of the Emilia-Romagna Region Giammaria Manghi; the Mayor of Salsomaggiore Terme Filippo Fritelli; the President of the CR Emilia-Romagna Simone Alberici; the Head of 5-a-side football of CR Emilia-Romagna Alessandro D’Errico