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Volvo tests a new technology: wireless charging of electric cars

Volvo is testing new wireless charging technology in a real urban setting for electric cars.

Volvo is testing a new wireless charging technology in a real urban setting, testing its possible use in future electric cars. For about three years, Cabonline, the leading taxi company in Sweden, Finland and Norway. It will use a part of all-electric Volvo XC40 Recharge cars. By charging them wirelessly at the charging stations in the Swedish city of Gothenburg.

The wireless charging project is one of the many interventions envisaged by the strategic initiative that goes by the name of Gothenburg Green City Zone and involves the use of designated areas within the city as real test beds for the development of technologies sustainable.

The announcement of the Swedish company

In the words of Mats Moberg, Head of Research & Development at Volvo : “Gothenburg Green City Zone allows us to experiment with interesting new technologies in a real context and to evaluate in the long term their possible wider use in the future. Testing new charging technologies together with selected partners is a great way to evaluate alternative charging solutions for our future models ”.

The charging stations used for the test are provided by Momentum Dynamics, one of the mega operators in the sector of wireless electric charging systems. The charging station transfers the energy through the charging platform, which is detected by a receiver unit in the car.

To facilitate the alignment of the car with the charging plate, Volvo Cars will use its 360-degree camera system. For fully electric drive XC40 Recharge cars, the wireless charging power will be more than 40kW. Achieving four times the charging time of an 11kW AC wired charger and nearly equal to that of a 50kW DC wired quick charger.