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Volkswagen is preparing to list Porsche on the stock exchange

Several rumors report how discussions have intensified regarding a listing of Porsche by the Volkswagen Group.

The Wolfsburg-based manufacturer has begun discussions with its main shareholder, Porsche Automobil Holding , about the main terms of a “potential” IPO of Porsche Ag, which has been wholly owned since 2012.

The negotiations are at an advanced stage, as demonstrated also by the signing of a framework agreement which, in the intention of Volkswagen and the holding company of the Porsche and Piëch families, should “form the basis for further steps in the preparation of a potential IPO” of the Zuffenhausen company. .

The agreement is in any case subject to the green light of the management and supervisory boards of Volkswagen and Porsche Automobil Holding.

To finance such an investment, Porsche Automobil Holding would have made itself available to reduce its current stake in Volkswagen’s capital, equal to 31.4%, through the sale of shares worth over 15 billion euros .

Confirmations in this sense arrived today from the same holding, according to which the operation could also include the acquisition of ordinary shares of Porsche AG .