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Volkswagen Group 2021: sales decrease, but net profit grows

Despite the decline in sales due to the shortage of semiconductors, the Volkswagen Group closes 2021 with a higher profit.

The Volkswagen Group sends 2021 to the archives with a decidedly positive balance. In fact, net profit increased by 74.8 percent to 15.4 billion euros, despite a decline in sales attributable to the scarcity of microchips. A phenomenon that has involved the whole world, in a more and less marked way. Several companies have paid a pledge, while many others have managed to close the year with strong signs of growth. This is the case of the German conglomerate, which has sold 8.6 million cars over the past twelve months, 6.3 percent less than in 2020 and 2.4 million units compared to 2018. Despite the volumes lower, the corporate coffers have decreed a clear success.

In fact, sales revenues increased 12 percent to 250.2 billion, in part thanks to “favorable prices” and reduced costs . In this regard, a dividend of € 7.50 per ordinary share and € 7.56 for preference shares has been proposed. Therefore, thanks to an effective policy of rationalization of expenses and affordable prices, it has been possible to achieve a goal that is not so obvious.

The forecast for 2022

Looking at future challenges, the forecast for 2022 is decidedly positive. Sales volumes should show an increase of 5 to 10 percent, despite the certainly not happy period. The shortage of semiconductors still represents a cause for discomfort, nevertheless the estimates lead shareholders to think positively. However, the guidance will be subject to any “developments in the war in Ukraine and in particular the impact on the group’s supply chains and the global economy,” Volkswagen Group said in a statement.