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Tesla: they could become illegal in Europe because of Autopilot’s “fault”

The Autopilot lane change could make Tesla illegal in Europe, after the investigation launched by the German transport authority.

Bread with bread, wine with wine. Tesla ‘s relations with Europe are not the best. A “philosophical” question: on the one hand the EU needs a long bureaucratic process each time to elaborate the news, on the other Elon Musk is a continuous well of ideas, which he then realizes. Now an Autopilot feature could make the system illegal on the Old Continent.

To be sure, the company specializing in the production of electric cars often runs into problems in the United States as well. On multiple occasions, the NHTSA has put Tesla at the center of its investigations. Looking at the last period alone, eleven recalls took place within three months. Ergo, the manufacturer bears the burden of correcting or even removing features that appear a little too provocative to the authorities.

In Europe, there is still a serious lag compared to America. Just think of Summon : in the States you can command / recall the vehicle from your smartphone within a radius of 60 meters, in the EU just 6. Now the KBA , the German federal transport authority, has launched a new investigation against the company . The trigger? The autonomous lane change function.

On the freeway, Teslas are able to change lanes once the driver clicks the arrow and has Autopilot engaged. Precisely because of this characteristic, the institution is now called to take a position, whether or not to make Autopilot legal.

There is a risk of backwardness

Although it concerns Germany , the decision would affect the entire continental scene. Strange to say, several Mercedes , Porsches and Volvos allow you to do the same. But for some reason all eyes are on Tesla alone.

Of course, if Autopilot were declared “illegal” , the manufacturer would always have the opportunity to remove the gearbox and thus return to good standing. On the other hand, the technological backwardness would end up worsening, while in the USA Tesla is already studying the launch of the Complete Autonomous Driving .