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Tesla Autopilot: investigations are also underway in Germany

Also in Germany they question the reliability of Tesla’s Autopilot system: the KBA requested clarifications on the management of lane changes.

Tesla Autopilot ends up “on trial” also in Europe for safety issues. After the investigations carried out by the American NHTSA, this time it is Germany , in the figure of Kba, that is questioning the European homologation of assisted driving functions. Recent surveys have generated a lot of skepticism around Elon Musk ‘s company. And certainly the recent measure taken by the German authorities is not good for reputation.

Specifically, from Germany they wish to obtain some clarifications on the lane change management by the software for assisted driving of the Palo Alto brand. As a result, KBA employees have opened a special communication channel with Holland. In fact, Tesla vehicles destined for the Old Continent are imported and exported here (by the local regulatory body).

So far neither the American company nor the KBA have issued official statements on the matter; nevertheless, it is a delicate matter, with potentially significant repercussions if followed by further investigation. The alarm bell triggered however invites us to reflect on the real prospects of autonomous driving inherent in the future. It has long been known that in the state of Olaf Scholz they feel a certain skepticism about it. Already in 2020 the institutions had vetoed advertisements where the word Autopilot and other such references are used.

The precedent of “misleading advertising”

In the summer of 2020, for example, the Munich court had prohibited mention of Autopilot in the claim. The report came from the Wettbewerbszentrale , the German supervisory body on unfair competition, equivalent to our Antitrust. At that time the question did not have to do directly with the issue of security, but with the risk of deceiving customers . According to the indictment, the promotional campaigns launched by Tesla led to believe the Autopilot was legal and even available, while it was in simple Beta phase.