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Suv: the savings on shopping pass through the rental

Born as a Sport Utility Vehicle, ideal for speeding on the road and off-road routes, SUVs have over time become a point of reference for an increasingly vast target of motorists.

Today, in fact, thanks above all to a temperament that combines the performance of an off- road vehicle with the charm of a sedan, they represent the family car par excellence, even if it is mainly their versatility that stands out, which makes them ideal cars for free time as well as for any work requirement.

However, buying an SUV often requires much higher costs than those required by a sedan or a small car: to this are added the maintenance costs , for which, due to displacements on average higher than those of a standard car, it can even pay very high amounts annually.

To save on spending, however, you can opt for long-term rental , a formula that allows you to have an SUV without buying it, paying only a monthly fee.

Long-term rental: how to save thanks to comparison sites

The main advantage of long-term suv rental lies in the convenience of the fixed installment , which can be modulated as the cases vary.

A very useful tool for calculating the amount is represented by the sites for the comparison of rents. An example is the portal, which allows you to compare a wide variety of proposals of any brand or segment, with the possibility for the user to choose between mini SUVs, compact SUVs or crossovers , as well as high-end cars. such as mid-size and full-size suvs .

The offers of for the rental of SUVs are also customizable and give the possibility to join packages of all types , with rates able to offer always quite interesting savings.

In fact, the offers can also be sifted by price range, choosing the one with the most advantageous quality-price ratio for your specific needs.

Long-term rental: the advantages of a single fee including everything

Contrary to what happens with the purchase, which in the face of a rather high initial outlay gives the right to ownership of the vehicle and the subsequent payment of all the expected charges, the long-term rental only provides for the payment of a monthly installment from agree with the rental company.

The fee, the amount of which depends mainly on the characteristics of the car , the mileage required and the duration of the contract , includes the road tax, car insurance, ancillary coverage such as the kasko policy, the costs for the service, the vehicle inspection and repair in case of accidents, protecting companies and individuals from any unexpected cost.

The formula, then, is completely customizable: to save on initial costs, for example, you can choose an offer of long-term rental SUVs with no down payment – a perfect solution for anyone who does not have sufficient funds for the purchase. since it provides for the start of the service without any outlay – while, if you prefer to save over time, you can choose to pay an advance in the contractual phase and obtain an installment with a lower amount.

Furthermore, the formula entitles you to a new vehicle , with the best equipment and in perfect mechanical condition, which can be changed after a few years, without any restrictions.

In fact, when the long-term rental contract comes to an end – generally the deadlines range from 36 to 60 months – the subscriber can choose whether to extend the service, whether to terminate it or whether to make a second subscription and have access to a new car. .

A formula that, of course, is economically very advantageous both when it comes to long-term rental for individuals , and in cases of long-term rental for companies, as it protects against the inevitable devaluation of vehicles over time and from all related tasks. to subsequent resale operations.