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Sustainable mobility, Alberto Di Tanno: “By choosing a hybrid car, the transition is undertaken”

The president of the Intergea Group (national leader in automotive distribution) and co-founder of Italia Bilanci spoke about the positive trend for hybrid cars.

The auto market is recovering and is finally catching up after two years of pandemic. Growth was evident throughout 2021, although still far from pre-health emergency levels.

While 1.916 million new cars were sold in 2019, registrations amounted to 1.458 million at the end of last year. A figure lower than expected, both due to the exhaustion of the Ecobonus effect granted to encourage the purchase of new cars, and following the shortage of microchips and products that generated a sudden slowdown in the market .

The positive trend for hybrid cars

However, 2021 is also characterized by a positive trend regarding the purchase of hybrid cars . The hybrid, in fact, has conquered a large slice of the market, going from 16.6% in 2020 to 29.05% in 2021. A remarkable result, especially when compared to 29.95% relating to sales of petrol-powered cars.

As stated in the twelfth edition of the ” Automotive Dealer Report ” of Italia Bilanci , in Italy the electric market has been the protagonist of a real acceleration: if the “pure” electric cars have conquered a share of 4.6% of the market , rechargeable hybrids reached 4.7% starting from 2% a year earlier.

These percentages must be interpreted as a clear step towards the ecological transition . Underlining the importance of this exploit is Alberto Di Tanno , president of the Intergea Group – national leader in automotive distribution – and co-founder of Italia Bilanci: “A significant leap that reveals people’s growing sensitivity and awareness of the environment. By choosing a hybrid car, the transition is undertaken, without yet arriving at the electric landing, which unfortunately remains characterized by unknowns that do not give safety to the consumer, such as the charging infrastructures, the times and the duration of the batteries “ .

Alberto Di Tanno
Alberto Di Tanno

Hybrid, petrol and diesel in comparison

Analyzing the data based on the power supply, Alberto Di Tanno then continued: “If in 2020 every three cars sold, one was diesel, in 2021 it is one in five: a drop so important that it leaves second place in the market to cars. hybrid – continues Alberto Di Tanno -. And the latter, together with petrol fueling, shares the largest share. The result is a profound disaffection due also to the frequent restrictions on circulation and an increasingly less significant difference in the cost of fuels “ .

In the first quarter of 2021, in particular, the car market was characterized by a reversal of the petrol and hybrid shares: petrol cars accounted for 38.16% of sales, while hybrids 30.69%.

Analyzing overall the figures relating to sales in 2021 , electric cars represent 4.6% of the market compared to 2.3% in 2020. The plug-in hybrid, on the other hand, grows from 1.9% to 4. , 7%, while methane / LPG cars go from 9.1% to 9.5%. Finally, the market share of diesel drops to 22.1%.