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Stellantis: in Turin a center for electrification and a new Maserati platform

The Stellantis group continues to focus on Turin with a new center for the electrification of cars and a platform for Maserati.

In synergy with the Italian executive and each trade union association, Stellantis cooperates to anticipate and support the ecological transition of all its Italian industrial plants. The Italian-French group aims to ensure sustainability by improving performance and allow the national system to maintain a strategic position among the major domestic markets of the conglomerate.

The announcement of the new platform that will be manufactured in Melfi for the production from 2024 onwards of four multi-brand electric models (DS, Lancia and Opel) and of an assembly line specially designed for batteries is only the first step of this strategy.

Turin Manufacturing District

This is how the Stellantis Turin Manufacturing Distric t was born, which will make it possible to adopt a single production process for various Maserati models. Through the integration of different platforms, models and propulsion systems with which to promote, in the near future, the development of the line of cars of the House of the Trident, attributing a key position to electrification, infotainment and autonomous driving. Among the initial measures, the creation from scratch of an electrified platform expressly addressed to the Emilian company.

The product will make it possible to build the new GranTurismo , Gran Cabrio and, above all, Quattroporte , in a time window between 2022 and 2024. The gradual transfer of personnel from the Grugliasco center to Turin, which will in any case remain operational with multiple support activities the current construction of Ghibli and Quattroporte (which will go alongside Levante), will not have any kind of repercussion on the global occupancy levels of the area.

Stellantis therefore confirmed that the entire electric motorization portfolio will be mainly assigned to the center of Turin . The ultimate goal is to maintain the presence and know-how in the area, capitalizing on the profitable synergy with the Polytechnic . Among the flagships are the Battery Hub, the largest Vehicle-to-Grid plant on an international scale and the Solar Power Production Units with solar panels.