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Road accidents: in the last twenty years they have fallen by over 50%

Federpneus through an elaboration highlights an improvement in terms of road accidents, a percentage that is lowered.

Thankfully, thanks to improved technology in cars and improved tires, road accidents drop dramatically. Obviously the interventions of the road network are fundamental, but this is the basis of the decline in fatal accidents in Italy from 2001 to 2021.

In fact, we are talking about Federpneus’ elaboration, the report says that in these twenty years the deaths from road accidents have dropped. From 7096 to 2395 therefore 66.2% less. But it is also true that the focal point is 24.5% less than in 2020, which lowers an average death rate that is still improving.

The statements of the president

Road accidents, the president of Federpneus Giancarlo Veronesi speaks: “The sharp drop in mortality on the roads is due to interventions on the roads (roundabouts), to controls (speed), but also and above all to the technological improvement of cars and tires”.

The Federpneus National School, located in the Autopromotec House in Anzola Emilia (Bologna), was inaugurated last Saturday. It will allow operators who are active in this sector of tire maintenance to be updated on the most current technologies used for tire maintenance.