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Renault: stop to orders for electric and plug-in

Renault has sanctioned the stop to orders for electric and plug-in hybrid cars after the inconvenience felt by the supply chain.

The conflict in Ukraine continues to have increasingly dire consequences. In addition to the price in terms of human lives (always the main aspect), also from an economic point of view there are many problems that have arisen in recent times. To be precise, global supply chains are in a dire period. And, speaking of the automotive supply chain, the latest company in difficulty is Renault . The transalpine manufacturer necessarily had to stop the collection of orders for its models on tap.

Behind the measure, as it is easy to imagine, the shortage of microchips, as well as the difficulties identified in the supply of assembly systems produced in the territory invaded by Vladimir Putin’s army, the logistical complications and the increase in the price of raw materials. The combination of these factors led Losanga to take a decision that was certainly painful. The move implemented, similar to what Volkswagen has already made in recent days, concerns every electric and plug-in car in the product portfolio.

The revised marketing plans

Now willing to fulfill orders linked to sales contracts finalized until last week, Renault has vetoed EV models such as the Zoe and the ZE van, and the hybrid versions of the Captur and Mégane. The race for cover also applies to the Mégane e-tech , the first battery-powered vehicle of the course recently inaugurated by Luca de Meo. The timing of the release of the SUV therefore risks accusing unthinkable delays.

According to the information drawn from the usual well-informed, the commercialization is now expected in June . But the activities at the Douai center across the Alps risk being interrupted right in the middle of the so-called ramp-up phase. The collection of orders should be reopened in a month, as long as supplies do not suffer yet another setback.