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Record results for luxury and supercars

Despite the covid and the semiconductor crisis, luxury cars and supercars have registered staggering figures.

According to Capgemini’s World Wealth Report, “high net worth individuals” increased by 6.3% in 2020, surpassing the 20 million mark globally, and their total assets increased by 7.6% to almost 80 trillion dollars.

Ferrari closed 2021 with record results and above pre-Covid levels. Deliveries, for example, grew by 22.3% on 2020 and 10.1% on 2019, reaching 11,155 units, while revenues broke through the 4 billion mark for the first time, stopping at 4.27 ( + 23.4% on 2020 and + 13.4% on 2019).

Positive situation also for Lamborghini, which closed the best year in its history with a 13% increase in sales to 8,405 units and today can count on an order book so strong as to cover the entire production planned for 2022.

Luxury cars, the great results abroad

The overseas competitors also achieved record results: Rolls-Royce achieved an all-time high of 5,586 deliveries, 49% more than 2020, has a full order book until the third quarter of 2022 and, to satisfy “a demand without precedents for all “.

Finally, Bentley recorded 14,659 units and + 31% on 2020, while the double-digit growth also involved Lotus, + 24% and Aston Martin, + 82%.