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Porsche: Macan and Panamera production stop due to conflict in Ukraine

Porsche has ordered the production of Macan and Panamera models to stop due to the terrible crimes that are taking place in Ukraine.

As Russian military violence rages in Ukraine, car manufacturers are taking a clear stance. Various brands have already decided to suspend all relations with Vladimir Putin’s country and Porsche is now being added to the list. Beyond ethical issues, companies simply do not have the power to enter into agreements with a reality heavily affected on the economic front, given the recent sanctions.

According to reports from Automotive News Europe , the German engine giant has stopped production at its Leipzig factory between now and at least the weekend. The city, located in the eastern part of Germany, produces two models with strong commercial success, namely the Panamera and the Macan . Both cars leave the Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen assembly line, which, at present, does not provide for any precautions whatsoever.

In a note to the media, Porsche points out: “ Further steps will take place in an orderly process . Over the next few days and weeks, we will continuously evaluate the situation. The degree of impact on our business activities is determined on an ongoing basis by experts in a task force ”. What is the company’s link with Ukraine is easy to say: the wiring comes from there.

BMW had already waved the white flag

In addition to Porsche, other brands of the Volkswagen Group also suffer inconvenience, including BMW . The Casa dell’Elica had prematurely decreed the stop of the works in some of its plants located in Germany for the same reasons. The clash of war risks causing further repercussions.

Top management fears that they will attend, inert, the situation, so much so that the Wolfsburg plant will be completely shut down by the middle of the month. Not even a remote eventuality, in light of the supply problems. Future developments will have a decisive influence on the Volkswagen Group’s plans.