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Petrol: average price is close to € 1.85 per liter

Unleaded petrol has undergone yet another increase in price and the trade associations are clamoring for government intervention.

According to the calculations of the Mite, unleaded gasoline suffered yet another increase in the last seven days, reaching an average price of 1.849 euros per liter , while diesel is on average offered at 1.722 euros per liter.

The price increases continue to stop, after the not very encouraging news in the recent past. According to the estimates of the consumer associations, the price increases have been more than 6.5 euros since the start of the year, leading, at this rate, the largest expenditure for 2022 to around 400 euros . On the basis of the findings just released, the bodies of the category are making themselves heard again. They are clamoring for the intervention of government institutions, to face increasingly unsustainable tariffs.

The appeals to the Government

The president of Codacons , Carlo Rienzi , invites the executive to lend a hand, as, by doing so, the whole system will pay the consequences. “The Government can no longer stand by and watch – he explains -, and urgent intervention is needed because the rush of petrol and diesel prices is causing heavy effects on retail prices, with damage to the entire economy” .

For the number one of Assoutenti , Fabio Truzzi, the situation is likely to hit the coffers of the Revenue Agency – Collection: An emergency that impoverishes consumers but enriches the coffers of the state, which thanks to the increases in fuel price lists higher revenues thanks to the taxes on petrol and diesel “” .

Finally, the president of the Consumers Union , Massimiliano Dona, declares: “An emergency that impoverishes consumers but enriches the state coffers, which thanks to the” The Government is sleeping and does not understand that even fuels, like electricity and gas are causing inflation to take off, affecting the cost of transporting all goods. This is why it is urgent that excise duties be reduced by at least 20 cents, cooling prices and making them return to reasonable levels ”.