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Petrol and diesel app: how to save on fuel

A whole range of petrol and diesel apps are available on iOS and Android systems to save on full fuel.

I keep up with the news on expensive fuel every week now. A problem felt in Italy, but more generally at a European and world level. 2022 started under bad signs and certainly the conflict that arose between Russia and Ukraine has further worsened an already delicate situation. To support the price increases, it is good to keep yourself informed, without stopping at the first refueling station. In fact, not all operators apply the same rates. But how to orient yourself? Simple: through the petrol and diesel apps with the lowest price.

The development of these software is beyond last-minute fads. In fact, they have been present on iOS and Android platforms for years. In real time, they report price fluctuations. Available on both operating systems, Petrol Prices is one of the most popular apps. Inside it shows the list of distributors with the relative fuel prices. Whether you have an iPhone or a Samsung phone, you will have a way to use Fuelio. It is a program based on interaction with Google Maps, Dropbox and Drive, useful for monitoring consumption, mileage and prices of a full tank. In addition, it has reminder functions with which to keep track of costs. A good option is then represented by Gaspal, useful to know the price of each service station in a few seconds and, moreover, to guide you in navigating to the chosen system. In addition, it allows you to register and keep track of your fuel costs. Ecomotori, on the other hand, specializes in methane and LPG refuelers, and electric columns, indicating the most economically advantageous proposals.

Applications only for Android

If we review the petrol and diesel apps exclusively available on Android we will give you three names: Fuel Flash, vigilant on over 60 thousand stations in Italy, France, Germany , Spain, Portugal and Austria; IlPieno2, which added the search function for the cheapest distributors in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Austria; BenzinLitre, which examines petrol, diesel, LPG, methane and electric.