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Nissan: 2.5 million euros allocated to the Ukrainian people

Nissan sets up a special fund to help the Ukrainian people, who are suffering so much at the moment, by donating 2.5 million euros.

Nissan Motor has allocated a 2.5 million euro fund, called Nissan Cares, for the Ukrainian population, affected by the consequences of the conflict with Russia.

The Japanese carmaker will give one million euros to the Red Cross and other non-profit organizations to support emergency activities and allow other key supplies. The remaining 1.5 million will be reserved for Nissan employees and their families in the region. In doing so, the brand will cover the costs of relocation, medical expenses, support for displaced persons and special assistance for children.

Nissan employees and partners who wish to do so will have the opportunity to contribute directly to the Nissan Cares Fund through donations of money or goods such as clothing and food.

The company’s chief executive, Makoto Uchida , said: “The tragedy in Ukraine is affecting large sections of the population, including members of our own Nissan family. We created the Nissan Cares fund to help them and contribute to international efforts to respond to this immense humanitarian crisis ” .

Currently the company has suspended the exports of its vehicles to Russian territory and there should be further big news shortly. Specifically, it is planned to close production at the St. Petersburg plant .

The latest in a long series

The measures taken represent only the latest ones taken by the automotive market. In fact, in recent days, several brands have decided to break off any relationship with Russia and actively contribute to the cause of Ukraine. For example, Stellantis , the Italian-French conglomerate born from the merger between Fiat Chrysler and PSA, and Tesla , the creation of Elon Musk specialized in electric-powered cars, took a clear and clear position. For sure, Nissan’s contribution is an important move and the generous investment will help many people in need.