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MotoGP, Yamaha, Quartararo: “I just know that I’ll continue to give my best”

MotoGP, Quartararo “threatens” to search for the best bike if Yamaha fails to upgrade a bike for the title.

MotoGP , Quartararo wastes no time asking for a title bike, be it Yamaha or having to look for it somewhere else. In reality he is also right, the Yamaha currently on the straight is overtaken by everyone without many problems, it lacks pure speed.

Quartararo ‘s words to the Spanish newspaper AS are eloquent: “The priority is to get the best bike” but he adds to the dose with this comment: “This is the most important thing for the future: I want to win. I am not an engineer – continues Quartararo -, I just know that I will continue to give my best whatever the position I am fighting for “.

It must be said that everyone is waiting for updates from Morbidelli, now fully recovered from the injury to Dovizioso’s satellite team which is the last bike in the premier class, the slowest.

The Yamaha answer

MotoGP , the response to Quartararo ‘s request was not long in coming, Yamaha absolutely does not want to lose its champion.

Lin Jarvis has already announced news: “At Mugello a change of program is expected – he revealed – At Mugello and then in Catalunya there are still 1 km of straight. So Yamaha may need smaller wings in order not to lose another 9 km / h of top speed: the Italian GP could be a good time for the aerodynamic update “.

In the end, revealing that this is okay for this track, as it is the track that best suits the characteristics of the Yamaha. He concludes: “We can also avoid the tire pressure problem there, but as the season progresses. We will have to face a boring job. We can make some improvements to the engine, but of course we have homologated a certain specification.