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MotoGP: new ranking in case of red flag

New rules for MotoGP, here are the news in the event of a red flag with a double ranking. Here’s what happens.

The 2022 MotoGP World Championship is close to the beginning, in fact the Qatar GP will be the protagonist of the weekend scheduled for 6 March. The last meeting of the Grand Prix Commission made a decision regarding the races interrupted by red flags, in detail therefore how the final classification of the race is drawn up. Dorna, FIM, IRTA and MSMA have thus decided.

Here are the new rules in case of red flags

MotoGP , we start considering the last lap completed by the first of the thing before the exposure of the red flag. All drivers who complete the same lap will be part of the partial classification. For those who do not cross the finish line in the same lap as the first, the placement of the previous lap will be considered, always taking the partial of the last lap on the scoresheet.

These two partial rankings will then be combined to complete the final result. A method that was already applied with a red flag following the completion of the race by the first and which will now be used for all the races thus interrupted.

This is therefore the new rule in the case of red flags. Previously , the classification of a race interrupted by a red flag was drawn up on the basis of the lap completed by all the drivers. The new rule therefore puts everyone in agreement on the outcome.