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MotoGP, Aleix Espargaro: “It makes no sense at all to do three-day tests”

Aprilia MotoGP rider, Spaniard Aleix Espargaro complained about the test format proposed in Mandalika.

Espargaro speaks after three days of testing in Mandalika , Indonesia. The new 2022 MotoGP World Championship will start in two weeks, but the Spaniard wanted to return to the test format.

These are his words to “It makes no sense at all to do three-day tests. I think the members of the safety commission also agreed that more tests could have been done, but more than two days at a time in my opinion does not work ”.

The tests created a lot of discomfort for the drivers due to the sand and dirt on the track. Pecco Bagnaia himself was hit by a stone accidentally creating a hematoma on his left arm.

The Spanish driver’s proposal

Aleix Espargaro of Aprilia wanted to give his idea: “We are not machines, in the end you just spend more time in the pits. It would be better to concentrate everything in two days on two different tracks, if not three “. The problem, according to the driver, is that on the third day “we are tired, it’s normal. But the third is also the day when you try the race simulation and when you want to try the attack on time “.

The MotoGP World Championship therefore does not seem to enter with the enthusiasm that was expected, perhaps it was enough to give the riders a place to test with safety from a healthy point of view and to divide the tests into several days and not all of them in a row. We will see how the new World Cup begins.