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Michelin: war in Ukraine stops some European factories

Due to the war that broke out in Ukraine, Michelin announces the stop of some European plants for the next few weeks.

Similarly to what has already happened for Daimler Truck and the Volvo Group , the Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory has further repercussions in the engine chain. The damage caused by Vladimir Putin’s nefarious campaign has not only already cost an unacceptable price in human lives, but has also created economic repercussions, so evident as to be undeniable. The latest company in chronological order forced to review its plans, given the heavy financial and banking sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union on the country responsible for the ongoing war, is Michelin , the global tire giant.

Through its official platforms, the renowned French company announced the decision taken following recent developments: “Due to the current crisis, and like many industrial players in Europe, the Michelin Group is also facing major logistical and transport problems for supply its factories and deliver to customers “ .

The considerable inconvenience suffered led the Group to stop production in some European plants for the next few weeks. The pause period will be used to optimize operations and adapt the management of the flow of goods inside and outside the Old Continent. In any case, Michelin points out, the specific duration of the stops will change from center to center, in relation to specific needs.

Humanitarian aid

In the same note, Michelin points out that the monitoring of the situation continues with the utmost attention at all company levels, including managerial ones. The Group took the opportunity to express the utmost solidarity with the families already tragically marked by the ongoing conflict.

It will undertake to support affected employees, also implementing local initiatives to guarantee humanitarian aid to refugees. In this rapidly evolving context, Michelin will try to limit the impact on the service offered to customers as much as possible. At the same time, appropriate measures will be applied for staff, in compliance with local legislation.