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Methane: rain of closures in Italy

As reported by the trade association, many methane distribution centers have already closed and many others will do so soon.

The situation is not the most optimistic even as regards the distribution of methane in the Italian peninsula. In fact, 40 stores were closed in the Marche region alone. Adding that a third of the network in Tuscany has now stopped operating and as soon as two stations remain active in Sicily, it is evident that there are currently significant problems also in this type of power supply.


To sum up Federmetano , which expresses (understandable) concern. The sector risks paying even more serious consequences if the Government avoids intervening in a tight time frame. According to the data collected and disseminated by the association, today there are 220 methane refueling systems for motor vehicles (out of a total of 1,529) burdened with difficult economic conditions. Also due to the delicate moment linked to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the sale price of methane to the public applied by them exceeds 2,999 euros / kg. A desperate situation, hence the need to close. Some have already done so, others are on the verge of doing so.

VAT deduction

And – as previously pointed out – after the gradual dying down of service stations , there are just two methane distribution centers left throughout Sicily. The executive has so far ignored the appeals launched by the request, which have been going on for months to demand a concrete move by the authorities. A suggested solution concerns the reduction of VAT from 22 to 5 percent.

Although they are working to contain the sharp increases in petrol and diesel prices, which have risen by 35 per cent, the national authorities have not yet shown their interest in the methane sector. It remains to be seen whether the continuous worsening of the conditions of the category will finally push us to take note of the inconveniences and to introduce some help maneuvers.