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Mercedes tests a charging station dedicated to electric trucks

Mercedes-Benz has also decided to follow the trend of zero-emission mobility by testing a charging station for electric trucks.

It will open in Germany next summer in Wörth am Rhein , near the eActros production plant, and will have five heavy-duty vehicle pumps and, among other things, photovoltaic panels.

Tools that will make it possible to reduce the impact on the environment in terms of energy use and to produce electricity also for refueling vehicles.

Zero-emission mobility is also advancing in the road transport sector, which is why Mercedes-Benz has decided to develop and test a charging station dedicated to electric trucks, integrated with consulting and assistance services.

Inside the station, truck customers will be able to experience charging stations and charging concepts from different manufacturers in real time, with various technologies.

In addition, they will also be able to work with on-site experts to develop a solution suitable for their specific application.

A press release shows that Daimler Truck is pursuing the development of an integrated ecosystem, which includes comprehensive consulting services and adequate charging infrastructure, to create the best way to welcome its truck customers to the world of electric mobility.