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Mercedes-Benz: clear recovery in 2021, almost to pre-Covid levels

Mercedes-Benz has announced the commercial results obtained during 2021, which show a clear recovery compared to the previous year.

From 2021, Mercedes-Benz has been significantly strengthened compared to 2020 and almost on the same level as in the pre-Covid period. Specifically, the turnover reached 168 billion, compared to 154.3 in 2020 and 172.7 in 2019. The financial result was 29.1 billion euros (6.6 in 2020), while the adjusted one was € 19.2 billion, up 105 percent from € 8.6 billion in 2020.

Net profit was 23.4 billion euros, up from 4 billion a year ago. Excluding the effects of deconsolidation, net profit rose to € 14.2 billion and earnings per share to € 12.89 (up 280 percent). Mercedes-Benz Cars’ fixed expenses have fallen by 16 percent since 2019, while unit revenues have improved by 26 percent, to an average of € 49,800 per car.

Mercedes-Benz Cars’ fixed expenses have decreased by 16 percent since 2019, while unit revenues have grown by 26 percent to an average of € 49,800 per vehicle. Division volumes (including vans) reported minus 5 percent, to 2,330,169 vehicles. Of these, passenger car sales fell to 2,054,962, mainly due to a lack of semiconductors .

The premium exalts

The premium specimens, on the other hand, recorded a new sales record in 2021. In China , they have increased to over 1,000 units per month since June, except for October, when supplies were limited. In the van sector, the result of the strategy of focusing on power supply, sales of battery-powered vehicles ended up more than doubling.

Adjusted return on sales (RoS) for Mercedes-Benz Cars and Vans rose to 12.7 percent, from 6.9 percent in the 2020 period. Although the situation is moving towards a general stabilization, the German giant expects that the difficulties related to the shortage of microchips will still have an impact on the market in 2022.