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Maserati: only electric models from 2030

From 2030, Maserati will only market electric cars, as announced by Stellantis CEO, Carlo Stellantis.

Maserati will only market electric cars starting in 2030 . This was stated by Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, during the presentation of the industrial plan called Dare Forward 2030 . As illustrated in the slide projected during the meeting, by the end of the decade the House of the Trident will say goodbye to thermal and hybrid engines to meet the need to sell 100% of Bev (Battery Electric Vehicle) engines. Ergo, the new MC20 supercar powered by the V6 Nettuno engine will also retire, and will remain available exclusively in the electric Folgore version.

The same fate will touch the other premium brands of the Italian-French conglomerate, namely Alfa Romeo, Lancia and DS , which are also destined to offer only vehicles with plug made on future modular platforms aimed at BEV models. At the basis of the innovations, the platforms , which specifically will be: Stla Small (autonomy up to 500 km), Stla Medium (autonomy up to 700 km), Stla Large (autonomy up to 800 km), Stla Frame (autonomy over 800 km) .

Goals and upcoming releases

The ambition behind the moves of the top executives is to quadruple the registrations of electric cars and to fivefold the profits. The provision of the thermal and hybrid units, communicated by Tavares, confirms Maserati’s need to do everything necessary for the success of its electric range named Folgore.

The new GranTurismo and Gran Cabrio Folgore will arrive in the next few months, both with 800 Volt power supply, the zero-emission range will grow later with the advent of the electric MC20 and subsequently of the Grecale Bev. Although not currently official, the new Quattroporte , expected in 2005, will almost certainly also be combined with electric propulsion, thus going to challenge zero-emission flagships such as the Mercedes EQS.