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Intel: will build a microchip plant in Italy

The US multinational Intel has officially announced that it will build a plant for the production of microchips in Italy.

Intel is about to invest up to 4.5 billion euros to build a microchip plant in our peninsula. Specifically, the electronics giant has officially announced that it has opened negotiations with the executive on a project concerning the construction of a “back-end” center , or rather the assembly and packaging of silicon wafers .

For the project in question, numerous Regions have been in the running for several months now, which have submitted the relative candidacies to the Ministry of Economic Development. The questions show various opportunities to benefit from: Piedmont with the Mirafiori district and two sites between Vercelli and Novara, Veneto, Puglia with Lecce, Foggia, Brindisi and Bitonto, Sicily with Catania.

Estimates on the creation of new direct and related jobs

Intel aims to inaugurate industrial activities between 2025 and 2027 and to create approximately 1,500 direct jobs and an additional 3,500 in related industries. Moreover, the Santa Clara multinational has expressed its intention to “pursue further growth opportunities” in Italy through the imminent takeover of Tower Semiconductor , an Israeli company that, just a few months ago, signed an agreement with the Italian-French StMicroelectronics to accelerate the development of new structures, under construction in Agrate Brianza, not far from Milan.

The operation in Italy is an integral part of a broader strategy aimed at strengthening European competitiveness in terms of microprocessors. By doing so, their dependence on Asian nations would be reduced and the recurrence of the shortage of products, highly penalizing especially for the automotive business, would be avoided . The figure put on the plate by Intel includes global investments of at least 80 billion euros, spread over a decade, and can enjoy the Chips Acts launched by the European Commission at the beginning of February.