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How is a Tesla made? Here is the video from Giga Berlin

A week after the opening of the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg comes the video showing the Tesla Model Y production line.

Inaugurated on March 22, 2022, the Berlin factory is already fully operational, with around 12,000 employees and a production force of 500,000 Model Y and 50GWh of batteries .

To reveal the secrets of the Giga Berlin was a video that appeared on social media, the shots were carried out by a drone that traveled the entire production line of the new German structure.

Giga Berlin: the first European Model Ys

On March 22, after 2 years of work during the first day of operation of the new Tesla plant, the company delivered the first 30 Model Ys produced in Europe to lucky customers.

The construction of the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg was announced by Elon Musk in November 2019 and a few months later in spring 2020 the works officially started. In January 2022, the announcement came that everything was ready, just in time to obtain the necessary permits to start production (arrived in March).