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Graziella: the iconic bike of the 60s is revived in an electric version

The iconic Graziella, a bicycle symbol of the Sixties in Italy, is revived thanks to Bottecchia, which launches the e-bike version on the market.

If we think of the Sixties, one of the Italian symbols is the Graziella bicycle. Today Bottecchia revives it, through a new electrified model about to experience a new season and enter the future of zero-emission mobility. Born from the pencil of Rinaldo Donzelli, the production of the folding model dates back to 1964. Due to its then innovative design and some features, it has revolutionized the concept of two wheels.

During the economic boom, Graziella further contributed to the popularity achieved by the Bottecchia brand. The company, which has always been one of the leaders in the sector, must satisfy a significant demand. More precisely, the project was initially conceived as a folding frame bike, without the horizontal barrel, with a central hinge, small wheels, removable handlebars and saddle. Only in 1971 did it work on certain components, such as, for example, the oversized wheels and the addition of options in the same color. The company continued to keep production active until the 1980s. Currently the lucky owners jealously guard it as a collector’s item.

The technical sheet

By now reinterpreting some symbolic objects of the past is a widespread practice. In the case of the Graziella, given the fortunate season of electrified bikes , the company took the decision to reintroduce it in the catalog in the pedal-assisted version, calling it Be 05 Genio eBike Graziella 20 . The aesthetic peculiarities strongly recall the ancestor, from the rigid steel fork, to the 6061 aluminum frame without barrel, from the 20-inch wheels to the 18.2 kilos scale. The 250 W, 36 V engine is located in the rear wheel hub and is capable of pushing up to a maximum speed of 25 km / h.

Positioned under the rear luggage rack, the slim battery, with Samsung cells, is 36 V, 8 Ah and has a declared maximum range of 50 km. To complete the BTC alu V-brake board, a 7-speed Shimano TX35 gearbox and the LCD cockpit which, by virtue of the eight functions contemplated, allows you to monitor the conditions of the vehicle. On request it is possible to integrate a front light and a rear light, side stand, rear luggage rack and mudguards. Purchasable from an authorized dealer or directly from the dedicated e-commerce portal, the Graziella e-bike costs 1,499 euros .